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By co-operation with the strongest international marine publications, maximising PR for marine companies, primarily through advertising in marine trade journals. Our partners should experience our services to assist their PR making it more simple, more cost effective and time saving.

Experience Counts

For more than 50 years, marine companies have come to ÖRN MARKETING AB for our expertise in planning international marine advertising. Here's what we can do for you:

We Develop Customized Advertising Plans 

Serving clients exclusively in the marine industry, we understand your unique advertising needs. We work closely with you to identify important markets, target groups, planned exhibitions and other strategic elements. We develop a complete advertising plan, featuring suggested ads and appropriate media, also including the ever-expanding Internet. Through a customized, carefully formulated advertising plan, you are assured of reaching the right audience through the most effective channels at the best times during the year. On our representation list, we are proud to include a number of leading international marine publications. 

Our team of Experienced Professionals

Out three and a half decades of success in the highly specialized field of international marine advertising is the result of the personalized service we provide to every client. Over the years, we have built solid working relationships with our clients, based on trust and our commitment to excellence. As a recognized authority in our industry, we are respected for our uncompromising integrity and honesty in all aspects of our work. In addition, our personnel brings extensive experience to every account, offering special insights and unique capabilities. 

Full Range of Specialized Services

As a full-service company, we take care of all essential details, from booking paperwork to material control and handling, all of which saves you time and effort. Our services also include developing and distributing publicity-generating press releases. Delivered directly to the appropriate editor at each selected publication, an effective press release complements your advertising to further strengthen your market efforts and help increase sales. In addition, we monitor the major marine publications and send you copies of any that contain your editorial article.

Free Consulting and Discount Services 

At ÖRN MARKETING AB, we understand the financial considerations of developing an advertising plan. That's why our consulting services are provided free of charge (our press release service is offered at a very reasonable rate). Our no-charge consultancy is made possible because of our strong agreements with the major international marine publications. Because we work with most Scandinavian marine companies, we purchase considerable amounts of advertising space from the various publications. This also allows us to offer you special series discounts. Further more, we make detailed cost calculations to find the best possible revenue for you marketing budget. Since the 1960's, we have achieved the advertising goals of many leading Scandinavian marine companies.

Your Specific Goals  

We invite you to join this select group, and we welcome the opportunity to put our expertise to work for you.

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