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7.383 Published Articles

696 Press Campaigns

  Over 80 of our clients have used our press release service. Many revert regularly, since PR and editorial coverage is an efficient complement to advertising.

ÖRN MARKETING AB has written, distributed and followed up 696 different press releases which have resulted in 7.383 published articles. Each day, we monitor new press releases being published and our clients' interest in our press release service has increased dramatically over the last months. One or two pressreleases are now leaving our office each week, directly reaching the correct editor in relevant marine publications.

Statistics indicate that a typical press release is being published in some 10 publications and online and in the cases when a piece of information is of specific interest, the success is even much higher.

Small, new and less known as well as large and established companies use our services, since it is equally important with positive PR regardless of a company's size. For small companies this is a unique way of being seen at a very low cost and for larger organisations our services are often much cheaper than if distribution and follow-up had to be organised by their own staff.

Please find some examples where our clients who have used our PR services. Please note the large variety of type of marine company, and the success an interesting piece of information can give regardless of size.

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