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  press releases / how to write a press release
Below you will find a number of points which may be of interest when formulating a press-release. You are welcome to contact our office when you have reached the distribution stage and also for any linguistic/grammatical corrections.

Interesting contents of the press-release.

Good examples of interesting contents are news, such as a (large) order, an (important) delivery, an improvement of quality (eg. ISO 9000), new installations or applications and, of course, a new product or improvement of a product.

The formulation shall be "ready for printing".

To the greatest extent possible, the Editor shall not need to re-word the text and shall also be able to use the existing text. The press-release shall assist the Editor in producing a good journal. This implies that the text in most cases is to be written in English. Our office can assist you with translation and proof-reading.

Importance of heading.

The heading of the press-release is the key to both the Editor and the readers continuing to read the article. The heading shall create an interest as well as conclude the news with a few words.

Formulation to be editorial.

The formulation of the press-release shall be "to the point" and objective. The contents of the press-release (in most cases the piece of news) is to be the centre of attention, not the company itself. The company name should be mentioned casually, as a preparation for follow-up advertising. Thereafter, in the advertisement, the connection between the product and the company can occur by emphasizing the company name itself.

Text to be formulated in "declining degree of details".

The Editor shall be able to shorten the press-release from the end without the outline and the connections being lost. The most important is to be written in the beginning of the press-release - the details to follow subsequently.

The length of the press-release.

Depending on the contents, the length of the press-release may vary from a complete vessel description to a short note. However, a shorter text of approximately one A-4 page is sufficient in most cases. Lengthy press-releases may not so easily be published. On the contrary, the Editors of the journals often contact those companies which have supplied a shorter press-release in order to gather more information and details. Such detailed information is often of great interest for upcoming special features.


Enclosing an illustration may often enhance the visibility of an article even though many journals often publish a press-release without an accompanying picture. The illustration may be submitted in full colour or as black/white - as a photograph or as a slide.

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