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Marine Publicity through Press Releases

Press releases generate publicity. Publicity generates contacts. The personal sales work gets support. At the same time, the editors receive regular reminders of your company's name, image, products and services. Next time the editors need some extra information, they might contact your company for a comment.

To get a Press Release Published

To succeed, a press release has to be well written and consist of facts. It should be distributed selectively to key media - to the well-renowned international marine publications with a strong own editorial team. The follow-up is essential and one has to monitor the outcome.

The chances to get a press release published is highly dependent on the contents, presentation and quality of distribution. Many companies distributing their press releases, unfortunately find them ending up in the recycle bin of the editors. Instead, you may take advantage of our 35 years of experience and our personal contacts with the international marine press. Let us be your key to publicity!

Co-operation: Client - Our Office

Many clients of ours have increased their co-operation with our office from complete media planning regarding advertising to also include press releases. Our strength is that we have a very close relationship with the major international marine publications and often have known the editors personally for many years. Press releases are thus distributed efficiently directly onto the desks of the responsible editors.

For each individual release we carefully choose the key media, thus minimising waste circulation and thereby costs. Our data base contains more than 450 different marine titles within shipping, shipbuilding, cruise, offshore, yachting and fishing.

Most often, our clients write a draft pressrelease in English, ensuring the technical correctness. However, very frequently, it lacks the promotional angle so important to encourage publicity. We then help to change this often very technical draft into a reader-friendly press release. Certainly, our technical competence with M. Sc. in Mechanical Engineering can be useful in the cases of technical features.

Follow-Up and Feed-Back

Our office regularly monitors some 160 different marine publications, thus studying more than 900 issues annually. This feed-back is essential, giving an overview of the outcome of your press release and knowing what the press writes about you. Which publications published your release? How was it altered? How was your company and product presented? What was the result? Normally, the distribution is to some 30

- 50 publications. Despite the fact that we, of course, never can guarantee publication, the release is often published in the most important marine publications reaching some 300 000 readers around the world.

We always send one copy of each issue in which your release is published.

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